The Storage Manager

The Storage Manager class is a singleton class that manages a collection of storage adapter instances.

To configure adapters use the StorageManager::config() method. First argument is the name of the config, second an array of options for that adapter. The options array keys can be different for each adapter, depending on the storage system it connects to.

StorageManager::config('Local', array(
    'adapterOptions' => array(TMP, true),
    'adapterClass' => '\Gaufrette\Adapter\Local',
    'class' => '\Gaufrette\Filesystem')

To invoke a new instance using a before set configuration call.

$Adapter = StorageManager::get('Local');

You can also call the adapter instances methods like this

StorageManager::get('Local')->write($key, $data);

Alternatively you can pass a config array as first argument to get an instance using these settings that is not in the configuration.

To delete configs and by this the instance from the StorageManager call


If you want to flush all adapter configs and instances simply call it without the argument.


There will be no adapter instance left after this, you must add a new config to use any adapter.

Adapter Configuration

Some adapters require a more or less complex configuration and setup depending on their API and provided SDK that the adapter class is using. Please see the specific adapter configuration section of the documentation for some of them.